What sort of Tarot?


Well actually, I don’t just do Tarot! I do Lenormand readings as well, and in many ways, Lenormand lends itself well to a particular realm of Judeo-Christian divination: yes/no answers.

For me, card reading is about hearing from God, listening to your inner self, and choosing what to do with that information. God has blessed us all with free will, and as any Tarot reader of any stripe will tell you, the cards AREN’T unchangeable. If there is a future-telling aspect to a reading, the outcome is always immediately effected by what we then do with our free will. What choices you make, and what choices others make will effect the predicted outcome. In many ways, a reading is best for telling you right now what might happen in a particular circumstance. If that’s what you’re looking for.

A reading can also be a chance simply to listen and reflect. It might raise questions for you that you’ve been too blocked up or too distracted to see. In that way, readings can be a meditative experience, like walking a Labyrinth (another rich Christian spiritual tradition left by the wayside by many modern-Westerners), or spending time with God in a sacred space. Maybe God simply wants you to ask some questions rather than gain all the answers. The journey really is as important as the destination.

So, in my practice, you may want to come with a yes/no question, in which case I will probably give a Lenormand reading, or you may come wanting insight and/or guidance on a particular issue, in which case both Lenormand and Tarot would suit and we can discuss the options together.

I want your reading to be an experience where you open yourself to hearing from God, and where together we’ll seek His guidance for you.

My readings are also informed by my deep and extensive Biblical knowledge and spiritual experience. I have a masters degree in theology and many years of ministry work under my belt, and from an early age many have come to me asking for wisdom, it’s been God’s gift to me to bless others with. So, I’m very willing and open to discussing your circumstances with you, and if you’d like I’m happy to share any Scriptures which I believe God is wanting to speak to you for that day.


You may want to know, “should I take the job?” Or, “will he ask me out?” Or, “will I have children?” As I practice both Lenormand and Tarot, I always seem to come back to Lenormand for yes/no questions. Lenormand can seem blunt to some people, but for me, I see it in the context of both the questioning and the responding. What’s led to you asking this question, and how will you respond to a yes or a no? The spread itself is a small part of that context, and as a guide, I’m able to talk you through that situation.

You may want to know, “what does my future hold?” It’s important with a reading to set-up a specific timeframe for your query. Do you want to know what your future may hold in the next week? Month? 6 months? A year?

Many people come to a fortune teller for a BIIIIIIIG “what does my future hold” expecting, “when you’re 29 you’ll meet a tall man, at 35 you’ll have two children and at 49 you’ll start a business”. I can understand (to an extent) the desire, or rather, curiosity, to know these things. If we have an anxiety about our preparedness to meet the future and therefore want to know what may come, I don’t think Tarot is the answer. What I mean is, a setting out of the possible future facts doesn’t actually solve your anxiety does it. Especially because depending on your choices and the choices of others, that future may shift and change. What a reading CAN do for you in that situation, in that anxiety, is give guidance for you on what to work on and be open to for dealing with that anxiety. The facts of the future won’t necessarily fix that problem for you. But maybe another possibility will present itself.

But for many people, it’s not an anxiety, it’s just a curiosity, and a testing. Is there anything to all this magic/card reading/spiritual stuff.

Coming with that attitude is a difficult space to be in to expect to hear from God. Because whatever the answers are from a future-telling, your attitude itself won’t necessarily change. If it’s one of negative scepticism, if something does ‘come true’ you’ll still say it’s coincidence. So what is the point exactly?

If you come with positive scepticism, you’re still waiting for the Spirit to prove Himself to you, rather than seeking to prove yourself to the Spirit. We are precious and honoured in God’s sight, He loves and cares for us, He created us and knows every hair on our head. So why isn’t that enough for you? That’s the question I’d ask if you come with a scepticism to the reading. And I probably won’t do a general “just tell me any important stuff that’s gonna happen for like, the rest of my life” reading. Because I can tell you already what’s going to be in that reading. Death and life, grief and renewal, joy and fear, all depending on how you respond to what God gives you. So there you go. And you can have that reading for free.


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