I want a reading

If you’ve read through some of the info available to you here, you’ll know already what sort of experience you can expect from me in seeking a reading. But as for the practicalities:

You’ll receive an info sheet and question sheet. The info sheet summarises some of what’s found here and the questions are to clarify what you’re seeking.
If by Skype, we’ll set up a time for our reading, and as the Skype is voice-only, you’ll also receive photos of the spread. If by email, you’ll receive photos of the spread and a written interpretation of the information revealed.

I don’t do readings regarding:
Health outcomes
Anything that violates the privacy of a third party
Predicting gambling outcomes
Any other question I feel is inappropriate
If a question arises during a reading that I feel is inappropriate, I reserve the right to end any reading in which I feel uncomfortable. You are able to reserve the same right.


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