Welcome Home

Seeking guidance? Longing to hear from God and His Spirit? Curious about Christian Tarot? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome.

This WILL be my home-base for offering readings, which is why the information for all that is up here. HOWEVER, at the moment, I’m still in the first few steps of my journey with cards, so I’ll primarily be using this for blogging and community as I work my way towards that dream of being able to give others the gift of a reading that speaks to their souls.

*And yes, at this stage, I plan to end up asking for money for that as I’ll be using many skills that I’ve built up over many years and education which I’ve paid for, to give a unique and truly useful experience when consulted for spiritual guidance. Just as I’m happy to take paid work with a church, I feel content that the oxen should not be muzzled while treading out the grain.